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support to restore health, peace, joy and LIFE to your home and family.



We are starting a thing…a thing called fully living…a thing called life-is-too-good-to-waste!

If you need encouragement, fresh ideas, inspiration, and a new spark for life…hang out with us…you’ll find it!

Let’s be friends!

If you are interested in essential oils and chemical-free living, you will find this corner to be a wealth of information!

(if you aren’t yet a young living member, or if you are already a member of our field + forest team, make sure you are in our big facebook group - field and forest living.)


Welcome to a New way.

A new way to help your family.

A new way to freshen your home.

A new way to create the peaceful space that everyone is drawn to.

A new way to avoid chemicals and invite safe products in that will transform the way you live.

Sounds like you are ready…let’s go!



A new mom, trying to do the best for her family, raise my kids in the Lord, in a calm environment. I was exhausted from lack of sleep and kids that woke up a lot, and also didn’t nap well during the day. i had forgotten about self-care in any capacity, and I felt like I was living in literal chaos. my life was good! I’m not complaining, life was sweet with babies and all that goodness. but it’s hard to enjoy all the good when my life was not organized, I wasn’t getting good rest, and I felt like my babies weren’t getting the rest that they needed too.

something needed to change. I longed for a peaceful home. And while that’s always a work-in-progress, we are in a much better place. I can focus better, things are in order, we are a chemical-free home, and my family is resting the best we ever have.

I’m so thankful for this lifestyle, and the amazing “calm” it has brought to our lives. And I want the same for you, friend.”



“Young Living essential oils are important to me because they are giving me a healthier lifestyle without side effects at a better savings than traditional western medicine, which wasn’t working for me from the beginning.”


“This team has the resources available to literally teach you everything you need to know to be equipped and successful!”

laura G.


“Essential oils are important to me because they've brought me so much joy! I love learning and this has taught a whole new amazing way of life. I love this oily tribe because these ladies are so so helpful and there when you need them and to answer any and all questions! My life was lacking most things natural before pre-oil days and now the ditch and switch is coming in full force!”


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