Dear mama,

I hear you…and I totally see you. Heart to heart…we love these kiddos more than any other gift we’ve ever been given. We want so badly to protect them from EVERYTHING…I mean, am I right? We don’t want them to struggle, be in pain, suffer in any way. We want them to feel and be loved for the rest of their lives. And in that…we as their mothers long to be able to provide safe comfort for them, to have the answers, to have the tools to help them when they are in need, and to protect them in advance.

But we also carry big burdens. The burden that we don’t have all the answers, we don’t feel as equipped as we should, we are scared, nervous, up all night googling all the weird things.

“how to get my baby to sleep”

“what is the normal color for baby poop”

“what is the best baby wash”

“how early do babies start teething”

“what is this weird rash on my baby”

“how long should babies nap”

“how to calm a colicky baby”

You get it. So many questions that we don’t know the answers to. I was there. I’m with you! But mama…we don’t have to fear. First of all, we have a community of women that love to talk these things all day every day, and I can connect you there, and I truly believe that is the GOLD in life as a mom. We need each other!

But here is my encouragement to you today:

When I learned that there was a better way…a safe way to to care for my children that was very easy…I was all for it. I wanted peace of mind, and I desperately needed the confidence to be the mom I knew I was made to be.

When you say YES to safe products and start kicking harmful things out of your home…you will feel the confidence come.

And as you build that toolbox of the sweetest oils and products…you will feel empowered, and notice a difference in the way these routines make you feel.

Let us walk you through some easy ways to care for your babies, kiddos, and YOU mama. We are with you and for you!!!


Christy Beasley and the Field and Forest Team


Here are just a few areas that essential oils make their way into our day or needs:

  • Everyday wellness + immune support

  • Sleep support

  • Teething

  • Kicking the crud

  • Skin support

  • Owies

  • Tummy support

  • Focus

  • Tantrums

  • calming

  • peaceful enviroment

  • safe cleaning

  • safe bathing

  • soooooo many things!

a great place to start

  1. Body wash, shampoo, lotion, diaper cream: Young Living has a line for babies called Seedlings, and a line for kids called Kidscents. These are a dream and make being a mom so much easier!!! It’s a no-brainer. They smell amazing, the kids love them, and I love snuggling them after a good bath. I know that what’s going in their little bodies is not only safe, but adding immune boosting goodness to them!

  2. KidScents Oils: Again, KidScents is a line of oils that come pre-diluted for children…soooo easy to use and handy! We have found this line of oils to be a treasure in our home. Things that we would have normally done nothing for, or had to run to the store for, we now have. And it has lessened the need for medication as well.

    • SleepyIze: rub on chest, wrists, feet, spine, and diffuse for a great nights sleep…or nap…oh yes!

    • TummyGize: rub directly on belly for upset tummy, or when there’s trouble getting stuff moving. This is great for all things digestion! Upper and lower!

    • SniffleEase: rub on chest, cheekbones, and the tip of the nose for all those sniffles!

    • Owie: rub on and around a boo-boo for all the comfort and protection. Kids love it and it’s great for adults too!

    • GeneYus: kid need some help focusing or paying attention? How about you mama….mom-brain anyone? Just pass this one around! Rub on chest, wrists, behind ears, and back of neck to promote good brain focus. Try it before (and during) school and homework time.

  3. Using your Premium Starter Kit: You are loaded with some AMAZING oils to support those kiddos right here in your starter kit! Check out the graphic below for some ideas! But here’s a few!

    • Wellness Roller: Thieves, Frankincense, and Lemon diluted in a roller with coconut oil. Roll on feet and spine as needed. You’ll be set for facing sick people and protecting those kiddos…and help when something comes on!

    • Sleep Roller: Lavender, Peace and Calming in a roller with coconut oil. Roll on feet, spine, chest, and wrists to help those kiddos drift off into dreamland!

    • Tantrum Tamer: Hello…yes please. There are several options for this in your kit, but any combo of Valor, Peace and Calming, Lavender, Stress Away, or Citrus Fresh could be a game changer!!! Use consistently as needed of course. OR as I do, right after nap time when Mr. Crankypants can’t deal with life.



You’ll see a community filled with mamas trying to help those kiddos be the best they can be! Ask questions, and find all kinds of remedies and recipes for being the “Doctor Mom” of your family…you got this!!!

You’ll see a community filled with mamas trying to help those kiddos be the best they can be! Ask questions, and find all kinds of remedies and recipes for being the “Doctor Mom” of your family…you got this!!!