Most of us didn’t wake up with the idea that TODAY we will decide to kick chemicals out and live a more natural lifestyle. I sure didn’t. Despite news and things that would skip past my ears in the past, I tuned it out and just didn’t have a desire to care…that is, until I had kids. Even then, had it not been for my membership with Young Living that I actually got into for better sleep and calm for my kids and household, I would not have had my eyes opened to so much truth. Truth that inevitably penetrated my mind and my heart couldn’t ignore the information and facts that stood before me. And therefore, I had a choice to make.

  1. Ignore the facts and continue buying chemical laden products

  2. Start purchasing safe cleaners and products, and start the process of kicking out the chemicals.

I believe most people close their ears and ignore the facts because they either can’t imagine parting with some of their favorite products, or because they feel like the process is too difficult and intimidating.

Well friends, let me tell you with as much true honesty as possible. This is NOT hard at all. If anything, it is easier, more simplified, and the products that we switched to are the best I’ve ever used, they last a long time, and my whole family can FEEL the difference. Improved moods, better rest, happier hormones, more peace, better health.

As a society, we have settled with feeling sick, tired, headaches, unexplained discomfort and disease, our hormones out of whack…and we just believe this lie that this is normal. And it’s easier to just take medicines for these things. But how many of us actually feel better or have our issues “fixed” or “healed” with meds? We are NOT anti-medication, at all. We will take medicine as needed and it has it’s place. But there is definitely overuse, and certainly things we can easily change that could surprisingly bring healing to our bodies and save our budgets!

There is truly no reason to shy away from not only and easy switch, but a budget friendly one. It’s a no-brainer here.

See the following “bad news” information….and then scroll to see our 5 first steps to ridding your home of unnecessary toxins.


This is one of the easiest switches! I probably don’t have to tell you that most store cleaners are full of chemicals. And chemicals are causing toxic overload in our poor bodies. Here’s our fav switches in this category:


ALL your household cleaners. For surfaces, floors, stains, bathrooms, sinks, toilets, windows, mirrors, marble, granite, stoves, appliances…ditch them all. You don’t need all that mess taking up sacred cabinet space anyway, right?

the switch:

Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate. Yep…that’s it. This one cleaner has replaced EVERY other chemical cleaner in our house. It cleans everything! And not only the appearance of clean, but leaving your home smelling it’s best, and it destroys everything gross…you get me.


Laundry detergent/dryer sheets + Dish detergent + Hand soap. You wouldn’t believe the toxins lurking in these products, filling the fibers of our clothes, that are then wrapped around our bodies day and night, penetrating our largest organ, our skin. Same with dish detergents and hand soaps…we get our hands all good and warm, and soak them in chemicals that quickly reach our bloodstream through open pores.

the switch:

Thieves Laundry detergent + wood dryer balls + Thieves Dish Soap + Thieves Hand Soap. You are seeing “Thieves” a lot. Why? Because it’s our immune system supporting, kill-all-the-things powerhouse. So why not get it on and in our bodies as much as possible? It also smells like a warm hug from your house…truly. Our Thieves line of products is one of the most important product lines in all of Young Living. It erases the need for all other cleaning solutions we’ve ever used…and I’m so so thankful to get it all to my door as needed. Such a blessing to our families!

2.cosmetics (the makeup)

Friends, the average woman applies over 300 chemicals to her body a day…80 of those before breakfast. Our creams and treatments and makeup (we’ll talk more about body care in number 3)…Let’s talk about that makeup y’all. This is a FUN switch! Who doesn’t love new makeup?! Well, some people are afraid to switch because they have their beloved favorites that they’ve used for years…I get it. But I haven’t heard anyone be disappointed our Savvy Minerals Makeup line. I feel like my face is more radiant, clear, and youthful since switching to Savvy…and I could NEVER imagine going back. It’s changed sooo much for me!


ALL your toxic makeup. Not sure if it’s toxic? First, I can pretty much guarantee if it’s from a drug or grocery store, it sadly is. Download the Think Dirty App. You can scan your products and it will rate them on a scale from 1-10. Just do it. Ladies, your hormone health is sooo connected to the health of your entire body and your risk serious issues. And if you have daughters…start them off right.

the switch:

Savvy Minerals by Young Living. They have a full makeup line…and as I said above, it’s a game-changer! The best way to get started with Savvy makeup is to get a Savvy Starter Kit. If you aren’t yet a member, you can sign up for a wholesale membership with the Savvy kit…so it’s win-win! Then you have access to everything else in Young Living as well! This is the cleanest, purest, most radiant makeup…you’ll love it! If you missed the link…click here to check it out!



3. body care

Just like mentioned above, we are applying so many chemicals to our bodies every day, morning and night. In an attempt to get “clean” and feel beautiful, we use what we are told works, and in turn, cause our bodies to work even harder to remain well with everything coming against it. Toxic overload.


Typical brand soaps, shampoos, lotions, creams, cleaners, deodorants, hair products, bath bombs. If you’re like me, you had a LOAD of these products in your cabinets. Since I just bought what jumped out to me at the store, I was always drawn by something new to try, or what was the cheapest. I put ZERO thought into what I was putting on my body. This are top offenders to your health, friends. And easy to switch!

the switch:

Sooo many Young Living options, guaranteed clean and safe. I can’t even list them all here, because there are choices….how great is that?! Chemical-free choices based on your skin and it’s needs. As far as some of the basics:

YL Bar soaps, Orange Blossom Face cleanser, Orange Blossom moisturizer, Satin Mint Facial Scrub, YL Shampoo and Conditioner, Mirah Hair Oil, Mirah Shave oil, Mirah face cleanser, YL deodorant, Thieves Toothpaste, YL bath bombs, ART skincare line….

There are also so many great DIY options using simple products and your YL essential oils!

Browse the catalog and ask us any questions you may have!

4. air fresheners

Let’s cut straight to it. FRAGRANCE. There is a LOT lumped up into that one word. Did you know that there can be hundreds of chemicals wrapped up in that one word that companies are required to put on their labels? So when we see the word “fragrance”, most of us just think….of course, that’s to make it smell good. But we are not told what makes that fragrance. And I’ll tell you. It’s the BIGGEST offender in hormonal disruption, disease, skin issues, infertility, cancer, and a whole list of other ailments and side effects you would never think to link to something that just smells good. Straight up harmful chemicals. Lots of chemicals. FRAGRANCE is in probably about every product you own…from your makeup, lotions, soaps, cleaners, baby products, perfume, candles, air fresheners, plug-ins….everything. But here’s the good news….it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or hard to switch. Friends, please know…I was the queen of “all things must smell awesome”. I blasted all the fragrance throughout our house in every way possible. And then I knew better, so I did better. And I’m gonna help you!


Candles and plug ins. Yes….we are getting right to the soft spot right here…and let me tell you, I LOVED a good candle! I was the WORST y’all. (Read my candle story here and learn more about why they had to go!) I was the girl running into Bath and Body Works and every other store at the end of Christmas buying out every Christmasy or tree candle I could find to last me through the year. Once I learned about them though, and was faced with the facts…I had no choice but to change something. Basically, burning candles floods your sweet home with so many toxins and soot. In a closed and confined space. Which I believe aids in those sad statistics mentioned in the graphic above. But…friends…there’s an EASY and BEAUTIFUL and waaaaay more SATISFYING switch!!!

the switch:

Diffusers. Diffusing is such a gift to our house and our guests! I can pick such a variety from my shelf and oil collections around the house, and have my home smell like citrus and peppermint in the morning to get everyone going, or like a calm and peaceful spa in the evening to starting winding everyone down. When guests walk in, instead of being greeted by fragrance and overwhelming candles, they are welcomed into a “spa” where you can literally feel the difference in the air, it’s light and fresh, and they will leave feeling better from the benefits of these oils. One of my favs….Stress Away + Peppermint….everyone loves it. And they always ask what it is…and that makes me so happy since I have always wanted to make my home smell amazing!

(If you just love the ambience of a candle, get some pure, organic beeswax candles!)


Air fresheners and sprays. Short and simple. It’s spraying chemicals for the sake of your home smelling clean. But it’s not clean…again…I get it. I did it. Like waaaaaaay did it. Like give me all the Cashmere Woods by Glade. But I don’t need it anymore!

the switch:

DIY room spray. These room sprays are soooo easy to make…and you can make it with whatever oils you love! Here’s a little recipe to get you started:

  1. 16 oz glass spray bottle

  2. 1 tablespoon baking soda

  3. 20 drops of your fav essential oils

  4. top with distilled water

    —- Just give it a good shake before use and spray away!!!

    —- You can also scale this down and make smaller bottles to keep in rooms to freshen linens before bed time for a perfect environment and sweet sleep!



5. food

I’ll tell you what I’m NOT gonna do. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you we eat even HALFWAY perfectly. But I’m at that place of knowing, and it’s not rocket science that we are what we eat. But shoot, I know it’s hard. And for me it’s harder than ALL the above combined! So if you’ve got this down, and not the other toxic stuff…jump on that…cause you will have no problem ha! But here’s the obvious…..


Processed food and sugar. The stuff in the boxes that has way more ingredients than you can stand and read…yep. I know. The stuff that’s so easy to grab and go. And the sugar. It’s in so much. It’s not just candy and sweets…it’s lurking in crackers and salty snacks that we don’t even count. So…just limit these things on your way to good eating. Ok. I’m with you on this journey!

the switch:

Organic fruits, veggies, and meats. Shop the produce section more than the center of the store. Also frozen veggies are great for roasting and easy to keep stored up so you have healthy options available! Frozen fruits for smoothies….this is a big help in our home! Choose good quality meats without hormones…yuck. We know these things…and it takes discipline. But it’s worth it…and again….I’m working on this with you!