Fresh Blog, coming along...

Hey y'all!  I'm really thrilled to be starting a fresh blog, where I can share my art, worship, and thoughts on life and family.  Previously my blog was found at, which is still there, but was always more of a glorified Instagram I look forward to actually blogging here.  



Just a little about our Sunday's around here, as they are go-go from the start!  We are worship leaders, which means our Sunday's get an early start, and most days we have to wake this little one up, which seems like the worst to have to do right?!  If she's not awake by 7:30 I go in a open the blinds and get the sun shining in on that sweet little face!  Then we hit the door running to Brookstone church in Gainesville, GA!   



We truly LOVE leading God's people into worship and experiencing God move and work through His people.  Brad and I have been leading worship together since we were kids!  We added Carly playing bass probably over 7 years ago now.  We always needed a bass player and she was willing to learn, and she's got such a heart and we love her sooooo!



We usually get some good snuggles in after we get home and this one is always tuckered out after such a big time playing in the nursery.  She's finally getting used to being left with someone else, though she still has to cry for a few minutes!  She ends up playing and having a great time...praise the Lord! 



Then we had a little visit from Papa Tank as the sun was going down, and he and daddy assisted MG on her first mountain bike ride....(on the new Trek Stache I got Brad for Christmas!)   Then we scurryed off to Brad's parents for Gran-Gran's birthday and Super Bowl fun!  

We are hoping to have a much more quiet week around the house!   

Thank y'all for checking out my blog and I hope you will follow it as I get ready to post more on the art biz side of things!  And show tips from around my home on displaying your art and decor! 

Happy day y'all!