Aiming High


friends...i pay extra close attention to this truth at this point in life.  God has prepared so much more for us in this life.  whether that’s with our families, ministry, work, the big things God has always kept strong in your you feel what i’m feeling?  do you have something in your heart that won’t let go?  something that may even seem odd and ridiculous to the rest of the world?  Who told you it wasn’t possible?  Who told you it wasn’t normal?  Who made you believe that life should look one way so you should just go ahead and join the hamster wheel of a life spinning out of control?

Our eyes have been opened.  The depth of God’s heart...the vastness of His love...the specific parts of His plans for our has become a desire of our hearts to listen and pay attention to it.  To shake off the world and it’s predetermined state of how we should live.  We are in this world but not of it....therefore our hearts are feeling and experiencing the MORE that He’s been preparing us to step into.

My heart is so overwhelmed with this explosion of my being that I can hardly put into words what I wish I could get across!  After a thought like this, it might would seem normal for my next sentence to say something like, “....and I don’t want to reach the end of my life and wish I had ________...”. I don’t live in regret.  So I will never plan my life that way and expect to ever think that way.  In my opinion (just my opinion), if we have loved Jesus, preached the gospel, and loved our families well, we won’t have anything to look back and I will not get that dramatic with my language.  BUT.  Can you even imagine the things that could look differently in your life right now, 5 years from now....20 years from now, if you just let your heart and mind believe and little further, a little deeper.  If we listened less to the world’s standard talk and more to God and the dreams He’s placed in our hearts...what would that look like for you?  Would you preach the gospel more?  Would you create something that added value to peoples lives?  Would you go on that mission trip?  Would you start that ministry, church, outreach?  Would you say yes to something you’ve said no to because of what others would think?  Would you give to that person even though financially it doesn’t make sense?  Would you take more risks because this life is sooooo short?  Would you stop worrying about every little detail and enjoy this one wild and free life we’ve been blessed with?  Would you stop trying to figure everything out from start to finish first and just try?  Would you say “no” to more things that don’t matter so you could start saying “yes” to real heart throbs?  Would you take that trip with your family because the years are flying by?  Would you do something incredibly outside the norm without fear of everyone’s reaction?  I could throw out a million of these all day long. (also, don’t twist this wrongly into risking doing something foolish.  in my heart, i am speaking to people who seek the will of God...not ways of the world...ok carry on✌🏼)

I just can’t help it, friends....I’ve been about to bust for a looooong time.  My heart just does.  My mind wanders and roams and I often think to myself, “am I the only one thinking this kind of stuff?”  But lately I’ve been asking God, “why is this here Lord?  What are you trying to show me, ask of me, I truly want to know.”  And He’s slowly starting leak it to me....and Brad.  Because I think if it came all at once I would surely lay flat on the floor and not be able to move...while babies pounced on me haha!

And then I do that thing I’ve always done in my mind since a young child.  I picture  myself....being lifted from the face of the earth (y’all stick with me and my crazy visions ok)...and looking down with God at my side, and Him standing silent with His safe hand  holding me, and it’s like everything just fades away.  I don’t see struggle, or pain, or people worrying about their life, or anything that is soooo huge to us when we are living in the middle of it.  And guess what....I still don’t know what this life-long vision means, fully anyways.  I know that at different times in my life it’s walked me through different things.  Usually being, that during trials or hard times, I can let those things go much easier and worry much less because I know that in the end, it has faded into the distance and will not amount to anything.  But at this season in life I’m starting to see that it’s about letting go of fear and normalcy, because if I aim high and miss it, it’s not the end of the world.  I will aim again...and continue to follow Jesus and take risks when He leads.  He never said that He wouldn’t call us to risk and that we’d never fail if it was Him.  We may never know why He calls us to make sacrifices for others...but He did.  The ultimate sacrifice, as an example.  There is not a thing on the earth that will ever scare me as much as Mary, the mother of Jesus watching her only Son walk the road to sacrificing Himself for us.

So the road I walk, the risks I take, the sacrifices I make to follow His plan for ME and my family are easy in comparison.  If you make it to the end of this...bless your sweet soul.  Thank you for journeying through my heart and mind I listen to the soft whispers in my heart and attempt to be real with them.

Love you friends!