Mommy-Artist almost fail + Finished Work

I'm soooooo eager to paint right now!!!

I'm in one of those modes where I just can't get enough of the creativity out of me...those are good feelings...and annoying ones when your time is so choppy or just not available.  But it's all good!  I'm learning more and more how to roll with the little moments I have!

So, Monday afternoon was quite hilarious...almost NOT hilarious.  As most of you know, I have a hard time getting MG to tap a nap, so I really take advantage of those 30 minutes that she does nap.  Monday afternoon, after a long morning of teaching music lessons, I finally got MG down for her little nap.  I run down to the studio at lightening speed!  Here's the thing, my studio is directly below her nursery....and we live in a 1940's house and the floor is not insulated!  Which means everything can be heard.  Honestly, there's a tiny pinhole in the hardwood floor of her room, and from up there you can look down and tell if the light is on in my studio.  So, I have to be quiet as a mouse while painting...which is hard!  Monday, I set a HUGE hunk of oak on my table top easel on top of my METAL table.  Yeah, the second I laid the brush on the big hunk of wood, the easel collapsed, the hunk of wood hit the metal table, not only making a huge BANG but also rattling the metal pan on the table and knocking over a glass jar of brushes.  Seriously.  My heart dropped.  I looked at the baby monitor and she certainly was awoken and flopping around.  I was devastated and seriously went to praying! "God, you knoooooow I'm just down here innocently painting....actually painting YOUR word!  Pleeeeeeeeease cover my mistake and let my baby go back to sleep!!!"  And would you know, miraculously she did!  For 30 minutes, which I expected, and I was soooo thankful for that 30 minutes.

Here's the finished piece!  It's the song "As the deer"  and the scripture.

Here's the finished piece!  It's the song "As the deer"  and the scripture.

And a little video of the finished work!

Hope y'all are having a terrific week!!!  Tell me mamas, what the thing you rush off to do the second your baby is down for a nap?