It's a Beasley Fourth!


We had a super fun 4th of July at Lake Lanier Islands yesterday!  I had really forgotten how great it is to live around Lake Lanier, and can't believe we don't go to the Islands more!  MG was in heaven with all the water stuff of course, playing in the sand, and tackling the waves in the BIG wave pool!  It's a little wild, because she doesn't have a single fear of, at all.  She wants to jump right in, get her face all in it, drink a lot of water, and splashes like crazy!  I'm sure that's good, but I'm thinking we need to hurry and enroll in some swimming lessons since she is so eager. 

I'm gonna slam a gallery of photos below here!  I recommend anyone with little kids/toddlers to take advantage of Lake Lanier could easily spend a full day there!  They have a great little area for babies too, which is hard to find at a lot of places! 

On another note, I'm so thankful MG slept through all the fireworks that we can hear at our house from the lake...goodness it was loud for a few nights there! 

Enjoy the photos! (and don't miss the video at the bottom!)