July 7th Art Workshop Success!


These workshops are so fun to teach!  As I said on Facebook yesterday, it's just so rewarding hearing the kids talk about how AWESOME their paintings are.  Too much time is spent these days putting ourselves down and only taking notice of our shortcomings or the things we didn't accomplish or do correctly, and that same attitude creeps into our kids.  BUT in these workshops, kids are encouraged, and allowed to express their creativity and realize that they have some great ideas and can use their God-given gifts to create something uniquely beautiful....and I'm sooooo glad they recognize their masterpieces as "awesome"!  If you have a child that's struggling with confidence or just not in the mode of trusting themselves to "do" something creative...you MUST enroll them in one of my workshops!  I'm teaching techniques and a lot of things they'll be able to grow on for a long time, but most importantly I want them to know they are created in the image of a creative God, therefore they have an abundant gift of the best creativity there is to offer.  When they recognize that, fear is gone and the juices get flowing!


I often just set a date for a class with a certain age range, but I'm also open for suggestions if I don't have a class scheduled and you are ready to enroll your child.  Just shoot me an email at christy@christybeasley.com and we can chat about building a new workshop date. 


Thanks to all the great parents to who give these experiences to your children!  It makes me smile so big!