Joyful Sound Series NOW LIVE!

I've been talking about this series for a little bit now...and it's finally available for purchase!  The Joyful Sound series comes from my love for music!  I'm a worship leader, musician, and songwriter, so I always seem to have music on the brain.  We laugh around here about our lives being like one big musical...singing all over the house all day long! 

More than that though, I believe that the Lord has put a song in our hearts to sing, and that sound is joyful!  It's not always a "song", but just the sound of our hearts proclaiming who He is!  I also thought about the sweet sound of a kid humming a tune, and birds sweetly singing as they were created to do, and the angels singing around the throne of God. 

I hope you enjoy this 10 painting series as much as I enjoyed creating it!  Each painting is 12x12" and $60 each.  Only one of each original painting!   Click here to shop and purchase!

Thanks for supporting my family by loving my art!

Christy Beasley