When your thinker is in overdrive with many things to accomplish, but you spend most the day reading books with the babe, letting her "wash dishes", cleaning up messes, and cooking all the food....you stop and say, these are the days that are flying by.The list is still there, and I'm watching time slip away every day...like a new baby boy is joining us in less than 7 weeks! I've not bought a thing for him yet, the nursery is about to go through more demo, I'm potty training baby girl next week, and learning to train a 2 year old about life in general, have a studio that's a wreck and full of half painted art, and my nesting mama feelings are wanting to organize everything in the house.....but it's not all gonna happen.And it's ok.I want to enjoy these last few weeks with Molly Grace, getting her ready to be a big sister, and soaking up all the sweet belly kisses she gives her baby brother☺️ I'm having to choose to let go of all the things my imagination is cooking up, and walk out each day as it comes.We are mamas, and it never ALL gets done....but our babies don't care.I remember always being told that "babies show no mercy", and this is very true!But they also continually pour out grace if we take time to notice.They don't care a thing about perfectionism or a tidy house or a checked off list....they just care about mommy and daddy.And I'm sooooo glad that is enough!❤❤❤

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