Fun Summer Treat

I don't know about y'all, but I hear the following request more than anything else out of my toddler's mouth lately...

 "I want a snack, I want a snack, I WANT A SNACK..." (on repeat...alllllll dayyyy looong)

And you probably know, in a toddler's mind, only certain types of food fall into their idea of a "snack". (Insert eye roll).  

So Molly Grace looooves these, so we thought we'd share with you!


• f r o z e n  y o g u r t  b i t e s • 

They are as simple as it sounds!  This post will be super short, because there's nothing to it!   

What you need: 

 • mini ice cube tray

• any kind of yogurt you like

Simply fill the mini ice cube tray with the yogurt, making sure it's all smooshed in the holes and the air bubbles out. Then pop in the freezer til frozen!  The hardest part for me was popping them out of the tray, cause it's a silicone tray and they kinda wanted to hang out in there a bit.  


And that's it!  Enjoy!  With your kid of course, if they'll share!  

Have a sweet day!


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