Toddler + Infant: How we survive nursing sessions.


No telling how many of these Toddler + Infant posts I'll do, but I thought it'd be fun to post about this wild and crazy ride we are on.  So I may post these things out of order as I think backwards and in the present simultaneously much of the time!   


So lately I've been trying to take more notice of the ways we can all hang together a little more peacefully while I'm tied up in the chair nursing brother Boone.  (If you're just following me for the first time, Molly Grace is 2.5 and Boone is 3 months old.)  It seems like every time I sit down to feed Boone, MG immediately had a neeeeeed.  Sometimes legit, sometimes not...I mean, she's 100% toddler sooooo, you know.  Either way, I've never wanted her to feel left out or pushed aside because brother Boone takes up a lot of time these days.  So here are some things that have been working for us lately when I'm stuck in that nursing chair: 


1.  Books!  She loves books right now, so this is a no-brainer.  Is it super easy to help turn pages and read to a squiggly toddler while nursing a baby...not really.  BUT I've found that if she's happy and occupied it's worth the extra effort.  She picks out the books and brings them to my lap and we get to reading! 

2.   Tea Time.  Not "real" tea time, but I ask her to fix me some hot tea and anything else, and she goes to her kitchen happily and fixes me up some goooooood tea!  She'll go back and forth several times upon my neeeeedy requests for goodies.  She is so proud about it too!

3.  Drawing.  Pretty simple, but I'll invite her to sit next to us and color in a little book that doesn't overwhelm the chair.  

4.  Movie and popcorn.  Not saying she sits for movie too long, but the popcorn helps cause to her that's super cool right now. 

5.  Good ole fashioned snuggling!  Obviously, this only works for smaller amounts of time, because it usually leads to climbing and craziness....BUT, when moods line up and she's feeling lovey dovey, we take advantage of cuddles! 


And there are plenty other games we make up as we go on a daily basis!  But probably her most favorite thing is to smother him with the entire time!  It's a sweetly wild life we have going over here! 

thanks for following along! 


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