Smoothie Bowls...Our Fav Treat!

So Molly Grace and I have a new favorite Summer Treat...the smoothie bowl!   


Y'all, really, this may be the shortest recipe post everrrrr...but I had to share with the world if you haven't heard!  (But check Pinterest if you want to REALLY be amazed and see my bowl put to shame!) 

1.  Make a smoothie as you usually would!  We are usually pretty simple:

 • frozen strawberries and bananas

• vanilla almond milk  

• vanilla Greek yogurt

2.  Pour in a bowl, then top with whatever want, or in our case, whatever we have!  Today was: 

• grapes

• granola

• mini chocolate chips

• dehydrated marshmallows  

The options are endless though really!  We like to top with peaches when we have them, or any fruit!  But one requirement, Molly Grace must ALWAYS have chocolate.  Who can blame her?!  She totally hogs all the chocolate too, but whatevs.   


So there you have it!  Super easy, everyone should get in on this!  Enjoy the rest of your week y'all! 

stay happy!